If you've never tried cooking or serving on salt blocks, you don't know what your missing!  Cold or Hot, your food will absorb the 84 trace minerals contained in the salt blocks without making your meals too salty.  Add some flare and excitement to your table, & bbq this year & years to come! 

June 25, 2016

Salt Benefits

Mineral Deficiency is a Very Real Thing!💪
Half of our population is found to be suffering from lack of adequate minerals. Poor diet, water softeners, and even certain medications can cause leaching of minerals from your body. A body deficient in minerals can lead to a variety of chronic illnesses as well as dental issues, irritated skin, muscle pain, & hormone instability. The salt-infused air inside the Cave is rich in Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iodine, Fluorine, Copper, & Bromine giving your body a powerful nutrient boost! You don't know what you're missing until you try it!

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Improving Skin

August 02, 2016

Salt Therapy is a clinically proven natural, safe & beneficial method of treatment for every age group. Improving all skin conditions with a medical grade salt aerosol that soothes the skin, prevents itching, kills bacteria and reduces inflammation.󾕓Psoriasis, dermatitis/eczema, emphysema, acne, rashes & redness, it can be quite the struggle to get the skin condition under control. With the salts antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties it's helping to normalize skins pH balance & reducing IgE levels, meaning the immune system becomes less oversensitive, preventing skins conditions from recurring so frequently, allowing lasting freedom from breakouts, rashes, itching & irritations.󾇡

-Fortifies skins protective barrier
-Stimulates microcirculation
-Promotes healthy tissue regeneration
-Promotes elasticity
-Facilitates deeper penetration of skin care products
-Clears impacted follicles to prevent acne formation
-Improving circulation of skins surface
-Promotes gentle exfoliation

All consultations are free, so why not come see if salt therapy can help you!󾁃


August 11, 2016

Allergy season is among us, Halotherapy is a 100% natural, safe & drug-free treatment that uses salt's anti-inflammatory benefits for your breathing, sinus and allergy issues.
 󾁉The primary acting factor in Halotherapy is dry salt aerosol, created by a Halo Generator which puts out salt particles smaller than the particles in smoke, but still visible into the cave.  
  󾁆Salt aerosol cleanses airways like a toothbrush cleans teeth, removing airborne pollen and speeding up mucus transportation.


August 11, 2016

Long-term smoker? Weather your trying to quit or not, Halotherapy will improve your lung function, coughing symptoms & mucus production.󾬞Kicking the habit might be hard, let us help! Much like the feeling you get at the ocean, or immediately following a storm, air charged with negative ions suppresses serotonin within the body, thereby instigating higher energy levels & positive moods.󾁍

Salt Inhaler

August 11, 2016

Amazing benefits go along with using a Salt Inhaler daily! 󾠦
   In the 18th century, Polish salt miners were documented as having noticeably better immune systems, lung health, and sinus clarity compared to their families. If the Salt Miners did happen to come down with a respiratory condition, the symptoms were mild and recovery time was fast. All of this was attributed to inhaling salt on a daily basis.

-Clear Sinuses
-Thin Mucus
-Relieve Allergies
-Improve Sleep
-Reduce Snoring
-Control Asthma
-Awaken the Mind
-Soothe Sore Throat
-Quite Chronic Cough
-Treat Cold and Flu
-Calm Inflammation
-Support General Lung Health

As you breath through the Inhaler, the moister from the air pick up tiny particles of salt and carries it deep into the lungs without side effects.󾁃 Not able to make it to the Cave everyday!? The Salt Inhaler does some of what you get from a Cave session, although not as concentrated, there perfect to have at home! 100% natural Inhaler, know what your putting into your body!󾓈

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July 15, 2015

󾁃As a society, we are bombarded with toxins daily. No matter how 'clean' we are living, it's unfortunate but armed with the knowledge we can make better decisions.  
Today's common table salt is different from natural salt ("chemically cleaned").󾀹Himalayan salt is by far the purest salt available on earth, uncontaminated from toxins & pollutants, containing at least 84 naturally occurring trace elements in their natural mine...

June 9, 2015

Salt Therapy is 100% natural way to help deal & manage Stress, Depression, Anxiety & many other conditions. In addition to significantly decreasing airborne viruses & bacteria; Clear the air of dust, pollen & other potential allergens. Sodium Chloride has the property of being able to convert positive ions into negative ions.󾠦

-Benefits of Negative Ions-

Relaxation, Calmness, & Better Sleep-

by promoting abundant oxy...

June 1, 2015

"It's just a big chunk of salt with a lightbulb inside right?" Well yes, but no. There's much more to it than that.☀️

100% natural way to cleanse & deodorize the air through the power of hygroscopy, meaning that they attract water molecules (as well as any foreign particles they may be carrying) from the surrounding environment then absorb those molecules into the salt.

Himalayan Salt lamps remove microscopic particles of du...

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